Fantastic Find Friday -- Petal Dust Palettes

So...basically I love new things. I love opening a new jar of peanut butter and seeing that smooth surface. Clothes always fit better the first time you wear them. Electronics are faster. Toys are shinier. The vegetables are actually appealing because I know they aren't secretly harboring mold on their underside, just waiting for me to take it out of the vegetable drawer.

And I LOVE finding new things on the market. Especially the cookie market. People are amazing, aren't they? I mean... slippers that are ALSO mops? A blanket that you can WEAR? That weird belt thing that will tone your abs will you eat nachos and lie on the couch? (Seriously though, if you can eat nachos while lying down... you need to find some new nachos.)

But I'm always afraid to be the first person to try something new. I mean... what if I buy the frozen bagel with the cream cheese already inside of it and I *hate* it? What then? That's like $1.76 and 7 minutes that I won't get back.... actually, when I think about it that way, it really doesn't seem to be that big of a risk.

So, I'll tell you what I am going to do. I'm just going to go all crazy and get the new stuff and try it out for you so you don't have to waste your own $1.76.

For instance... these Petal Dust Palettes. You can get them at Petal Crafts. Each palette is 24 colors of petal dust (or luster dust) compressed into a little cake instead in free powder form. And at $28.95 per palette ($32.95 for the luster dust palette) it is substantially cheaper than buying them all separate. But DOES IT WORK? Let's find out!

 I decided to try dry brushing first. I was surprised at how easily it came on to my brush.

And it brushed on just as I would expect regular petal dust to brush on.... you know, not too dark. 

 Then I tried getting my brush wet first and then painting with it. It shouldn't have been a surprise, but it totally was when the petal dust tile just SOAKED UP the water from my paintbrush. Don't worry about blotting the water from your brush before trying to take up the petal dust. You might even need extra.

 And again, it paints on just as you would expect wet petal dust to -- with a darker and thicker coverage.

 Then I moved on to another color.... and realized that I had just been lucky with the yellow! Some of the colors are softer than others. They yellow was soft, so it was easier to pick up. With the harder tiles, I found that brushing in a circular direction helped.

And for the hardest tiles, I used the back of my paintbrush to scrape the surface so my paintbrush could pick it up. It's kind of annoying, but not a deal-breaker to me. 

I also noticed that the palette I had been sent was different from the palette on their website. (They sell 3 different palette choices -- Set A, Set B, and the luster palette. I own Set A) Obviously, color is difficult to reproduce accurately. But the top left picture of my palette is REALLY close to the actual colors of my palette. And I didn't even get some of the colors they said I would. I have emailed them to see if I got the end of a batch of palettes, or the beginning of a new batch and what colors you could expect if you order from here on out. They haven't replied, but I will keep you updated when they do.

So, in a nutshell ---

* All the colors are in one place.
* No trying to pry those tiny lids off only to have half the dust spill all over the kitchen when you finally get it open.
* MUCH cheaper than buying them all separate
* Functions mostly as expected.

* Some of the tiles are harder than others, which makes it difficult to get the dust on to the brush.
* The image of the palettes on the website is inaccurate.
* You have to buy them all at once.

And I want one of YOU to have a chance to try it too! Leave a comment on my blog post (not the rafflecopter widget) telling me how you would use a petal dust palette to enter. You can earn another entry by following me on Feedly. (It's a blog reader. The best way ever to keep up with your favorite blogs!) Giveaway ends at midnight on Wednesday, January 14th.

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Oh! And I almost forgot to tell you! When I got my palette, shipping at Petal Crafts was crazy high... like $14 for just one palette. If that is still the case, you can also get the same palettes on Amazon (from Petal Crafts) with only $5 shipping.

And also... if you want to see someone who is AMAZING with this petal dust -- go check out Jill FCS on Facebook!

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