An Inside Look at "You Can't Judge A Cookie By Its Cutter"

Have you guys seen this book all over the place? ME TOO!! And ever since I first saw it a few weeks ago, I've had exactly two thoughts running through my head. 1-How have I not known about this before now?? and 2-THIS IS GENIUS! I WANT TO SEE WHAT ELSE IS INSIDE!! So you can imagine I was pretty well out-of-my-mind excited when Patti from Baked Ideas told me she wanted to send me a copy! (I was going to say I was "stoked" but does anyone even know what that word means anymore?)

But then the worst thing ever happened. (Not *actually* the worst, but at least semi-not desirable.) My children saw the book as I was bringing it in. And there are 4 of them and only one of me. I had to wait my turn. Seriously. I was trying to poke my head over their shoulders, but they were pretty well huddled around this thing.

Finally, I put in a very educational and socially appropriate cartoon to distract them. And got my first glimpse at all the fun designs! There are 25 chapters, each with 4 separate designs. I couldn't decide which one to make first.

Like, I actually couldn't decide. I was going to flip a coin. But I figured I would be logical and just make whichever one I found the cutter for first. Which turned out to be the corn design from the ghost cutter. But since I get kind of lazy.... I just made polka dots instead of individual corn kernels.

And instead of Patti's perfectly chosen Autumn color palette, I just went all crazy and threw in some blue and pink. And some turkey cookies. I told you I'm going to make those all over the place this month. I'm in love!

And in case you are wondering... THIS GUY was my other choice. Can you guess what cutter Patti used to make him? You may be surprised!

Need help finding a copy? CLICK HERE.

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