Challenge Yourself -- Use Unconventional Colors

Yeay! It's holiday cookie crunch time! That means two things --

1. You have ZERO free time for some crazy challenge.
2. You are going to be sick out of your mind of the color red in a few months.

Don't worry. I've got you covered on both counts. This winter's challenge is to use unconventional colors for a holiday set of cookies. You can enter as many different sets of unconventional color as you like. Just make some new cookies and link up between now and January12th for a chance to win.

And what is it that you desperately want to win? Trust me... it's a good one.

It's a whole PALETTE of compressed luster dusts!!! It's genius and beautiful and I want it and I want to share it with one of you!! So get to making some unconventional colors and linking them up!

** If you live outside the US and are willing to split the international shipping costs with me...then by all means... link up for your chance to win!**


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