How to Make Green Apple Colored Icing

Remember that one time that I saved up a big huge secret like being pregnant for months and months and then I finally told you? As it turns out, I have months and months of stuff I want to share with you. And the bottle as been unstopped. There's no turning back now.

Like how obsessed I am with this nursery I randomly stumbled across online. And the damask. And that gorgeous apple green color. And also, green is a weird word. If you say it more than three times, it kind of turns into poison in your mouth and then even regular words get all strange. Is that even how you spell it? GREEN?

And then I saw these swaddlers and I fell in love. And apple green is now the color for this little darling's room. (PS -- If you are even considering having a child in the next 10 years... you should get at least one of these swaddlers. And if you're NOT planning to have a tiny little baby come live in your home any time soon, you should still buy some of these and give them to every new parent you know. They are MAGIC, I tell you. Hellllllooo sleeping. I've missed you!)

That's pretty much how these cookies happened. Green apple is going to be a trend this year. I'm pretty sure of it. At least it will be around my house. And probably on my blog. And if you wanted to also maybe trend that color around your place as well, I sure wouldn't mind. I'll even tell you how I got it.

Just like that.

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