Quick Tip Tuesday -- Icing Bag Clips

I recently discovered the most genius idea for keeping the icing in your icing bag and not squeezed out all over the counter. Even when very small and very much not careful children are the ones holding the piping bags. It also has the added benefit of increasing the amount of pressure on the piping bag so you don't have to squeeze very hard at all for the icing to come out. ALSO fantastic when being used by very small children. Or by me when I've had a bad day and kind of just want to lazy decorate. (Am I the only one who lazy decorates?)

I was SO excited when I learned of this gem. I thought about it every day. I wanted to tell you every second. I searched everywhere for more clips and more clips and more clips!! And I told people in very hushed but enthusiastic whispers about this big cookie decorating SECRET! And then I realized that it was only a secret to me. Pretty much everyone in the entire world and maybe on other planets as well had already heard about this. So I'm just putting it out there now so if by chance you were living a sheltered life like me, and you wanted to pretend that you weren't you could just say that you already knew. And that you just didn't know where to get any of these magical clips.

Around this same time, I happened to go to visit this new store called IKEA for the first time ever. Except, as it turns out, again... it wasn't a new store. Everyone in the world was actually there, at the store when I got there. And it was so confusing. And my children were crying. And I thought about making camp for the night, but somehow we got through and when I made it back to my car, I looked down and saw that I had purchased handfuls of these clips. And to make myself feel better, I want to give a package away to TWO of you!


And if you can't wait that long, you could buy some at an IKEA near you, some Walmarts carry them in the kitchen gadget aisle, or you can get them online HERE.

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