Baby Rattle Cookies...and an announcement

 Apple Baby

I have some big news to tell you. And it's about these cookies. And me.

The truth is... I've never liked the baby rattle cutter. But I'm in love with these rattle cookies. And it's the same cutter I've always used.

Apple Baby Shower Cookies

But that's not the big news. That's the little news. The big news is that these cookies are for me!! For my very own little one. She's not here yet... but she should be coming sometime in April.

I just thought you should know. Because I'm super excited! And also because if you are coming to Cookie Con and meeting me for the first time, I don't want you to be thinking, "Wow. She looks surprisingly more like an alien than I expected." I'd rather you be thinking, "Yeay! New cookie friends!" And because we're friends, I really want to show you how to make these rattle cookies.

Rattle Cookie Tutorial

Use that rattle cutter that is just about everywhere. And then grab your onesie cutter and use it to cut the side knobs off. (I never could figure out how to use this rattle cutter the way it was intended!)

Use 20 second icing to pipe the circles. Start at the top and let each dot dry for 15 minutes before piping another dot next to it. Add the rattle handle last. Let it all dry and use a #2 tip to pipe a line along the side of the handle.

If you wanted to make all the dots the same size and position them slightly more symmetrical, that would probably look better. See how the top green and pink dots spread more than the rest? They were not 20 second icing. Neither was the white icing. That's why it looks kind of flat-ish. And I really should have waited to show you these cookies until I re-made them. But I couldn't wait. What if you NEEDED to make rattles like these? But don't be like me. Make your cookies gorgeous.

Apple Baby


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