Fancy Greaseproof Baking Cups Giveaway {CLOSED}

Have you guys been over to The Cookie Cutter Company? I kind of love that place. Like, a lot. And Matt. He's the guy that makes everything right. He's also the guy that adds fun new things to their site. And since January, he's been adding not just cutters, but also more decorating and baking items. Like these gorgeous baking cups!

He first asked about them on Facebook. People were excited, but wary of being duped. No way were they going to buy the most adorable greaseproof baking cups on the market if that whole "greaseproof" part was just a scam. So I took one for the team and let Matt know that I would be willing to make the sacrifice to try some of them out.

So Matt sent me some. And I decided to do an experiment. (This doesn't really come as a surprise anymore, does it?)

I pitted those greaseproof liners above with these sweet little baking cups that I bought in South Korea and have never used because I just *know* they will be ruined once I pour that cupcake batter into them.

But since I love you more than sweet little Korean cupcake liners, I did it anyway. I actually used these lines with both cupcake batter (on the left) and brownie batter (on the right.) And since I really wanted to know how "greaseproof" these little gems were, I actually doubled the amount of butter in the brownie mix. (For science. Not for eating.)

And the results of the cupcake batter experiment.... ZERO grease bleed through on the greaseproof liners. And the regular ol' cupcake liners? I think they might be the same sweet liners I poured that batter into. But you would never know at this point.

And that greasy mess of brownie mix? As it turns out, doubling the butter makes them mostly inedible. The regular cupcake liners surprisingly have more of a design than with the cupcakes though. And although it's really hard to tell with all that sunshine streaming through the greaseproof liners... they remained the champions.

I took a picture from the side so you could really see and not just take my word for it. If you look closely, there are two little spots where the butter was starting to seep through after a day of waiting for me to take its picture. Not too bad for a double butter brownie recipe.

And in case you were wondering how to eat these... the cupcake just pops right out. Or, you could peel the paper off as well. I just couldn't bring myself to destroy something so pretty.

The moral of the story is -- apparently, "greaseproof baking cups" means "greaseproof baking cups." And the other moral of the story is -- good job reading this ENTIRE post, because now you can have a chance to win these cups. Every single one of them in this picture can be YOURS!

Leave me a comment between now and Friday at midnight telling me what other baking/decorating things you would love Matt to add to The Cookie Cutter Company's site for a chance to win this whole set of baking cups!

Visit Kathia at Pink Little Cake before Friday for another chance to win a second set of baking cups!

Or... if you can't wait, you can find them all of these and more HERE at The Cookie Cutter Company.


And the winner is --

Kneada Kookie!! Watch for my email or send me one yourself if you don't see it. Congratulations!!

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