Icing Consistency and Temperature -- Quick Tip Tuesday

If you keep your icing in the fridge for any length of time, make sure you let it come to room temperature before you stir it and check the consistency. Icing is much thicker when it is cold than it is when it is warm.

The top icing and the bottom icing are the exact same icing, with the same size tip. You can see that the bottom icing looks like it is piping consistency icing while the top looks closer to flood icing. 15minutes after this picture was taken, the bottom icing looked exactly like the top icing.

If you check your consistency before the icing warms up, you will end up with much thinner icing in your bag or bottle than you intended. And you will be frustrated. And probably cry. And end up eating your cookies. So, really, this is a handy pre-swim-suit-diet-season tip for you as well. Two for one. Want another one? Don't worry about that swimsuit anyway. You're fantastic the way you are.

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