Keep your letters clean and sharp -- Quick Tip Tuesday

Cookie Friend That I Adore: You know what I hate? When you are piping letters and the "e" just melts all together and you end up with a dot and a tail instead of an actual letter. Or the "a" or the "p" or the "g" or basically any letter that wants to. If I make my icing much thicker, then it won't smooth out and look pretty. So I have to choose between sloppy, melted letters, or stiff, rough looking letters. That is what I do not want to have happen. Is it possible to live in a world where this doesn't happen?

Me: I'm so glad you asked. I have just the trick for you.

When you pipe a word, leave off all the cross bars and hooks and curly parts until the end.


Then come back and fill them in. It gives the original part of the letter just barely enough time to form a super thin crust so the two parts don't join forces and create a tidal wave of melty letter destruction on your cookie.

PS: Ameliorate means "to make better." Don't worry. I had to look it up just to make sure.

PPS: The font is called Harrington.

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