Summer Tree Cookies

I'm not one to spread sensationalist claims that scare the general public and cause mass hysteria without any facts or hard evidence to back it up... but I think something happened to the space-time-continuum.

See, when I was a kid, summer lasted about a jillion years. Each day was an eternal summer of its own. I could spend a lifetime as a mermaid, read 3 books, fall asleep in the sun, set fire to dead grass and weeds with a magnifying glass, eat 2 snacks, climb a mountain that turned out to be a tree, invent a machine to make my bed for me, and also completely annoy all 3 of my brothers to point of shunning and anger all before dinner time.

And now I can barely manage to dress myself and eat breakfast by the time my kids are ready for lunch. Sure, it doesn't help that they want to eat lunch at 930 in the morning and I'm trying to keep them from setting things on fire with a magnifying glass while also making them 2 snacks and convincing them that until they actually *make* that machine to make their bed for them, they have to do it themselves. Clearly time has been altered. Something must be done. Alert the authorities!

Why hasn't there been a study on this? I cannot possibly be the only person on the planet that remembers when time was slower, when summer lasted more than a day or two. When you had nothing but time between June and August....unless... wait!! Are you guys in on this too? What is my world coming to?? Why hasn't anyone told me about this giant conspiracy? I need details!! I thought we were the kind of friends that decorated cookies together in our yoga pants and pinkie swore not to buy any more cutters until we used every cutter we currently own. And then, you know, broke that promise 3 days later when that one cookie cutter company had that one great sale.... that they actually have every month. I also thought we were the kind of friends that let each other in on details like world-wide cover-ups to changes in the space-time-continuum.

I'm going to let this one go and show you how I put together these fun summer tree cookies just to prove that I'm not above making you feel guilty so that next time you'll tell me about the approaching asteroid before it destroys the world as we know it. (Because, seriously.... wouldn't these be SO pretty in fall leaf colors??!!)

1. Get a cutter. I got mine from The Cookie Cutter Company. I love those guys.
2. With 15 count icing, pipe on branched tree trunk. I find it easiest to start at the top left branch and bring it all the way down the trunk before piping on the other branches. They seem less weird that way.
3. With thick green icing, pipe a bunch of scallops around the outside edge of the cookie. Pipe some on the inside while you are at it. No need to be exact. Nature does what it wants. You can too. Except that you might want to think about letting it dry for 15 minutes or so.
4. Use 15 count green icing to fill in the spaces in the middle. Give it a minute and then swirl the icing in a circular motion with a toothpick.
5. Umm, I'm not really sure what step 5 is. Maybe that's the toothpick step. Or maybe it's the part where you stand back and just think about how fantastic you are as a person. I bet that's it. And don't forget to call me about the asteroid.


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