How to Make Cookies Look Like Leather

Can you believe that life goes on even when you're NOT making cookies?

Hi. My name is Georganne. It's been 17 days since my last cookie. I've just been through a 2 week cookie decorating detox program. I had to clear the counter and put away all of my cookie cutters where they go. Yes, even the cutters in the bin of despair. I washed every last icing tip, bag, and coupler. All of my left over royal icing was purged. My house was clean. I was clean. (Except for the pre-baked and then forgotten cookies in the plastic container on top of my counters. I can't even remember when I put them up there. Eeewww. My plan is to leave them there for a couple more weeks until I can completely justify throwing the entire container away along with the cookies. At this point, there's no need to go opening that up.)

I read a book. A whole book - without forgetting what it was about half way through. I made actual dinners every night. I went to sleep before midnight and woke up before the sun on at least one day. (Only one day. Let's be honest.) I also did some big projects around my house and watched my husband do even more. I talked to my neighbors and caught up on laundry. Well, I was caught up as of yesterday. Today is another story.

Today the laundry is already piling up again. It's my son's first day of school and he's tried on at least 3 outfits. Which means that my daughter has tried on at least 27.  And once they've touched a shirt, it can't possibly go back in the drawer. My husband is also starting law school today. Which means I'm basically going to spend the entire day eating snacks with my girls, playing in the sprinklers, and making as many cookies as I possibly can.

And also, I'm going to tell you about making these leather cookies. It has been all I could do not to break my word to my family and post about these cookies. They were SUCH a fun set.

1. Ice the cookie in the shade of leather you want. (I used 3 parts copper with 1 part chocolate brown.) Once the base layer is dry, water down the leather base color along with a darker and lighter color. My puddles of icing are 1-2 seconds thick.
2. Crumple a paper towel into a ball and dip into the base color. Dab onto the plate until only a small amount remains on the paper towel. Sponge lightly onto the cookie. Cover  most of it with the base color.
3. Dip the same paper towel into the darker icing and dab off again. Sponge on to the cookie randomly, and in only a few places.
4. Use even less of the lightest color of icing.

5. Dip the paper towel back into the base color of icing and sponge around on the cookie until the pattern smooths out a bit. If the icing gets dry and won't smooth into the other colors, dip the paper towel into just a little bit of water and sponge around again. Let it dry and you've got icing leather.

PS: Did anyone else notice that the "Cookie Channel" magically appeared during my two week cookie moratorium? I'm not fooling anyone. I'll never quit cookies.

PPS: If you have a cookie page and want to be added to the Cookie Channel... leave a comment or share a picture on my Facebook page from your cookie page and I will add you!


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