Add Something Extra Round Up and a WINNER!!

Umm, did anyone see July coming? Because I think maybe I missed it. Yesterday it was the beginning of summer and now it's August. I think I blinked. Luckily I have all the amazing entries from the July CHALLENGE YOURSELF as proof that July actually happened.

These patriotic shark cookies by Lettie's Labor of Love stole my heart from the first glance. I love the expression of the little crab man and the perfectly piped rope on the preserver. The flowers are so so pretty and the bite marks in the shorts?! LOVE it.

As a sharp contrast, we have these soft and pretty spa cookies from Sugared Hearts Bakery. There are calming colors and patterns all over these cookies. I am LOVING the bubbles in the tubs and the "fluffy" non-pareil collars on the robes!!

This Folk Art Bird from Gigi's Fresh Baked is so creative and such a fun use of sugar crystals and sanding sugar. I love all the different colors and patterns!

You know what else I love? All the layers and colors and textures on these genius cookie by Buttercup Cookie! I cannot even imagine how this was thought out and it was executed flawlessly. I can't stop looking at it!

And these gemstone cookies from Jill FCS are unbelievably striking. I'm actually not quite sure they are really cookies. Every time I see them, I feel a need to touch them, to make sure they are, in fact, made of sugar. It is my dream to someday touch cookies like this. Or just Jill. Because maybe some magic will rub off. Thank goodness she will be at next year's COOKIE CON!

Excuse while I go talk to my friend Mr. Rand. M Org.......

Okay, he's made his decision.

And the winner is....

Fly Me To The Moon cookies from Signature Sweets!! Watch for my email so I can send you a pretty new cookie plate and all the measuring tools you will ever need!

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Thank you to everyone who participates and links up. I absolutely love seeing all your fabulous creations!!!


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