Challenge Yourself -- PAINTING!!

I have a new love in my life. Don't worry.... it won't displace cookies. In fact, it is STILL cookies... just more, somehow. This new love completely understands my need for depth and texture and knows that I like to create in the quite moments when no child is screaming at me or simultaneously pushing and pulling on my legs. This love is there for me when I just can't figure out where to go next with a design, when I'm awake at 3am and utterly hating on my latest cookies and always surprises me with the perfect next step.

This new love solved my Caricature Dilemma

And wholeheartedly supported my Western Wedding obsession. 

It's brought that little *spark* back into my cookie decorating life...

...while simultaneously aging it in the most wonderful way possible. 

I just feel so selfish keeping this love to myself. So I bring you August's Challenge that has the potential to change your cookie decorating life if only you can bring yourself to open your hear to new adventure... PAINTING ON COOKIES!!!!

Okay, so it's clearly not a new idea. Elizabeth at Arty McGoo has been doing simply unbelievable things with her food coloring and paintbrushes for just ages. Go visit her blog or Kim's (Sugar Rush) Facebook page if you want to be completely amazed!

All I'm saying is... just do it. Try it out. Again. And again. Then come back here before September 1 and give me a link to your creation. Can't figure out how to link up? Post your picture on my Facebook page and I will do it for you. will choice one entrant to receive a folding paint palette. (These are my very favorite kind. From South Korea and everything) and a set of Wilton paintbrushes. Unless I can find a better quality set. And then you'll get those instead. And I'll even stock the palette with some of my favorite color blends to help you get started.


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