French Hens and Korea Tour Day 3

I have to make this kind of quick. Tonight is a First Birthday Eve at our house. Which means that I will be making a cake... from a box... and staying up until all hours of the night searching through my house in a vain attempt to find the presents I purchased for my baby girl weeks and weeks ago and then hid in that super special and secret hiding place so that no one would find them early. Or... apparently... at all. And then, because I won't find anything, and also because she is only 12 months old (starting tomorrow,) I will then wrap up one of her favorite toys and give it to her along with a mound of sugar that I will refer to as "a cake." And randomly... one of these cookies. I still have one left. Which is no surprise to my family because I made about a jillion of them. They are little. And I like little. Also, they are easy. And I like easy.

1. Bake up your delicious cookies. (You are going to want to make a few of them. I promise.)
2. Outline the little French Hen with thick black icing and a #2 tip. Let it dry for a bit.
3. Fill with thinned brown icing and let it dry overnight.
4. Using a #2 tip, add a dark gold wing and beak. Drop a tiny amount of white icing in the general area of the head and call it an eyeball. You could (and probably should, really) add an even tinier dot of black in the center... and then call it an eyeball.


We went to this one place and saw this. It's a tumulus. There were lots of them, so you could call them the tumuli if you want to. We did.

A tumulus is a burial mound. And these particular ones are HUGE. Over two stories tall. The height of the mound was a sign of honor. These particular mounds were for kings of the Silla kingdom.

In case you were wondering, (even though, let's be honest, you probably weren't) the Silla kingdom was one of three kingdoms in ancient Korea. They were actually the ones that unified Korea.

So as you can imagine, this place is a pretty big deal. If you want to read more about the tumuli, you can CLICK HERE and get all the wiki info you need.

In addition to the tumuli, this place was just gorgeous. Dark wood trees and bright red leaves lined perfectly placed brick paths that wound around the mounds and even a little pond.

And we found this beautiful little patch of black bamboo. And that ended our tumuli tour. Because honestly, who can resist the adventure of a black bamboo forest?
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