Turtle Doves and Korea Tour Day 2

Remember that one time that I told you I was going to post every day for 12 days and then... I didn't? Yeah, I'm basically the worst blogger friend you could ever have. I have an idea. I'm going to plan a giant neighborhood Christmas party and invite everyone I have ever met and spend days and hours and then more days decorating my house and making food and offering my incredibly helpful lighting placement suggestions to my husband while he stands precariously on a ladder. And then when you get your invitation you can RSVP and then not come. That would make me feel a tiny bit better about this whole letting you down thing. Or you could just come and we'd have the best day ever. Your choice.

1. Bake delicious cookies.
2. Outline some adorable little birds with thick black icing and a #2 tip. But just the body parts. Let it dry for a bit while you contemplate how weird it is that I mentioned body parts in a Christmas post.
3. Fill in the birds with blue icing. Let it dry overnight.
4. Using the smallest tip you can manage without thinking swear thoughts, add little bird legs and a beak with the dark gold icing. Give them little black dot eyes with the same size tip. (Or you could just scoop some black icing up with a toothpick and touch it down in the eye area and it will make a little black dot for you.)


Today I'm taking you to see a historical village. And by historical, I mean that it's real, real old. It is a real village. People live there. And eat food there. And they drive their cars there and spy on their neighbors and pretend like they forgot to wash their dishes when their inlaws come over but really they just forgot that their inlaws were coming over, but they didn't want to tell them that, because that would have been awkward. 

See? They drive their cars there. You didn't believe me, but I was right. 

 It's basically gorgeous. I love Korean architecture.

Do you see the tree on the left? It's a persimmon tree. Have you ever had one? (Seriously.... I really want to know. They are DELICIOUS and I'm a little bit afraid that I won't be able to eat them when I travel back to the land of America.)

Besides persimmons, they also grow a lot of cabbage. And they eat a lot of cabbage. They mix it with red peppers and garlic and let it sit outside for a few years while it ferments. And then they call it kimchi. And they eat it at every meal. Including breakfast.

And unbelievable houses like this actually exist. And have existed. For hundreds of years.

This village was SO pretty. If it hadn't been so cold that I very nearly wanted to set my own shoes on fire, I would have stayed all day and into the night. But then I would have gone home because I'm a little afraid of the dark sometimes. I mean... there might have been spiders there or something.
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