Calling Birds and Korea Tour Day 4

I let my daughter eat French Toast for every meal today. And not the regular kind that you can make with healthy eggs and whole wheat bread. I gave her the frozen, pre-made kind that is pretty well saturated in oil and then covered in enough cinnamon and sugar to coat her entire face in less than a minute flat. I did that. And I have nothing to say for myself in my own defense. And you can totally judge me. That's cool. I'm way good at being judged. Also, I'm pretty good at making tiny little bird transfers.

Like these. Except, you only the need the little yellow ones in the bottom corner. You could make them black if you wanted to because the calling birds were actually colly birds and those are actually blackbirds. But...if you want my opinion... black birds might be kind of creepy on a Christmas cookie. Unless you don't think it's creepy. And, in that case, I don't either. I think you're a genius and you should do it.

1. Outline the cookie with thick black icing and a #2 tip. Let it dry for a 30 minutes or so.
2. Flood with thin white icing and let it dry overnight. Now would be a good time to go ahead and make those transfers and let them dry at the same time.
3. Pipe a couple of branches with some medium brown icing and a #3 tip.
4. Very carefully peel those little bird transfers off your wax paper. Eat the ones that break.

5. Drop those birds on to your very recently piped branches. Press down very gently until they are pretty well pushed into the icing.
6. Using a #1 tip, pipe 3 red dots on the back of the bird and 2 dots on the front.
7. Use a toothpick to connect the dots in the back to make a tail and the dots in the front to make a beak.
8. Do that with all the birds and add some random green dots for leaves. Pipe tiny little dots for eyes and then stand back and fall in love with these little cuties.


 I may or may not have some last minutes shopping to do for Thanksgiving. Want to come with me?

 We can go to the market. This market. There are lots of people selling lots of stuff like shoes and curtains and vegetables and toys and wooden spoons and fish noodles dipped in pepper sauce...

It's called Seomun market. It's my favorite traditional market in all of South Korea.

 There are literally hundreds of vendors selling hundreds of different things. Fruits and vegetables are sold in bowls. I bought persimmons here. That's my baby girl by the way. It's her birthday today.

 I didn't actually buy anything from this lady. She just wanted to talk to my kids. That happens ALL. THE. TIME. here. Apparently, I'm not the only person in the world that thinks they are stinking adorable.

 PS -- Did you know this tour is brought to you by this girl? She's here for a visit.

 Can you find me? I'm using my super Korean skills to buy a bowl of sweet potatoes for tomorrow.

 And this is me buying dried squid on a stick for dessert. 

Ha! I was just kidding. This is pretty much as close as I will ever get to actually touching dried squid on a stick. or dried other fish in a bag. Or dried even other fish in bowl. It would be safe to say... I don't actually like dried fish of any kind.
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