Stitched Pumpkins (SHOW ME Your Photo Set-Up)

Since I moved off the 5th floor and into a real-live ground floor house, I have had to make some adjustments in my daily life. First, I had to stop thinking that people were flying every time they moved past my front windows. Second, I have accepted the fact that my children can jump on-to and off-of every single piece of furniture we own and our neighbors still can't hear them. I have successfully  become accustomed to turning the water on in the kitchen sink with my hand, like a barbarian, instead of stepping on the floor sensor.  I have yet to come up with a fantastic photo "studio" arrangement though.

Right now, I take pictures in my back yard. Right next to a moldy ol' shed. (Can we talk about this? My shed is METAL. How does that grow mold? Also, during the typhoon, my fence started growing mushrooms. Sideways. And they were neon orange. Please tell me they won't kill me just by looking at them.)

So, seriously, a moldy ol' shed, a weathered ol' play table and a garbage can turned rain gauge now make up my photo studio. Want to see?

I told you. 

Its not so bad on nice days. I take photos while my baby is sleeping. My 2 year old sits out there with me talking about life and cookies and sometimes jumping on her mini trampoline. (You know, while *not* trying to steal cookies and candy before the photos are actually taken.)

And sometimes she even sets up her own studio...which I COMPLETELY adore. (PS -- This is the first time I've put an actual picture of  an actual child carrying my actual genetics on my blog. Please don't 1)Tell my husband or 2) Use it to sell advertisements in Switzerland or 3)Seriously, don't tell my husband.)

I got a light tent recently, but I'm afraid to change what seems to be working for me right now. I am NOT, however, afraid to pop-open that light tent and then fold it right back up again. And someone told me that folding it back up is the hardest part, so at this point, using it to take pictures would be like pouring dish soap on my bicycle. (Easy.) And I like a I'm going to stick with my backyard light situation until it's too cold. Or raining. Or dark.

How do YOU GUYS take pictures? Would you guys be willing to SHOW ME?! What if I promise to give you a quick run down of how I made these cookies?

1. Outline and fill the pumpkin part with 15 second icing and a #3 tip. Let dry for an hour.
2. Add a stem and let it dry overnight. (Here is some free advice-- Make your green icing and then when you think its the perfect shade, add some of your orange icing to it. Trust me. It will make it perfect-er.)
3. Attach some pre-made eyeballs with orange icing and draw a cute little mouth with thick black icing and a #1 tip.
4. Add some stitching lines around the edges with thick white icing and a #1 tip.

There. Done. I've kept my end of the bargain. Now its time for you to uphold your side of the agreement that you totally agreed to by not speaking up and saying that you didn't want to agree to my stupid agreement and that you don't even like me anyway.


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