Ghost Cauldron -- Cookies and Cards

I've been keeping a secret squished up inside of me for about 29 hours now. Its about to come tumbling out, and I can't stop it. Okay, look -- promise me that you won't tell my son I told you. At least, promise me that you won't go searching out my son when he's 14 years old and tell him that I told you this. Because if he doesn't think I'm "un-cool" by that age, then this complete violation of mother-son trust would definitely do it.

As my stressed out ramblings from earlier in the week indicated, my oldest son started kindergarten this week. As soon as he comes home each day, I basically force him to tell me about every second of his day since he left my sight. I've already had him describe the bus route, the hallways, the lunchroom, gym class, his teachers, the kids at the playground and the bulletin board outside the classroom. The first day he came home he told me that he tried broccoli at lunch and that he liked it. The second day he managed to get out "I hate to tell you, but we did something I didn't like" before I pinned him down and compelled him to eat multiple cookies while finishing the rest of the story. As it turned out, he didn't like singing a song because for some reason he thought it was scary.

And then came yesterday.

After we got the lunch details out of the way, he mentioned that they got to play on the playground TWICE. So, naturally I asked him about who he played with. (I am his mother. I need to make sure that nobody is trying to convince him to get in a car with candy or set things on fire while the teacher isn't looking.)  Do you want to know what he said? (Trust me, you do.) He said, "I played with Laci. She is the beautiful-est girl I've ever seen. Every day she has just the cutest face. She's the cutest Mom."

I almost took him out of school right then and there. Although, he was already home sitting on the couch so it really wouldn't have made much sense. I did let him have mac and cheese for dinner though. You know, just so I could be sure to solidify my place as "favorite girl" in his life for at least a few more days. .

And ... I'm planning on letting him eat these cookies until his mouth turns black. (It shouldn't take very long.)

It's the first Friday of the month, so that means I got the idea for these cookies from a card that my cousin Pam made. Except, this one isn't actually a card, its a tag. If you want to see more of her fun creations, you can check out her blog HERE.

Start with a cauldron. Cut out a chunk of it with a ghost cutter. Remove the part that was cut out and replace it with a ghost. Squish it together a bit to make sure that all the pieces are touching. Use the cauldron cutter again to lightly imprint the shape of the cauldron on top of the ghost. Bake as usual.

1. Using the imprint as a guide, outline and fill the cauldron shape.Let that dry for as long as you can possible stand it.
2. Outline and fill the ghost sections. Let those dry a good while as well.
3. Use a bright color to make the bubbly cauldrony part.
4. Immediately toss some coordinating sanding sugar on top and let it dry for 20 minutes or so.

I used a food color marker to make the face and the stitching lines, but you could also use a thick black icing and a PME 1.5 tip.

For some reason, I thought it would be really clever to add a big ol' stirring spoon to the cauldron. After adding the spoons to half of them, I suddenly didn't feel so clever. And now I keep going back and forth. I'm not sure which way I like better. You can make them however you want. (But when you do, will you tell me which way you did it, so I can agree with you?)

PS -- Don't forget to check out Pam's Card that once was a cookie HERE!!

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