"Will you be my BRIDESMAID?" Cookies

So, this one time, Anne from Flour Box Bakery suggested this super fun wedding cookie project that involved perusing a Brides magazine from cover to cover. Repeatedly. She basically said that we could give up laundry and shaving and even order take-out while we spend hours tearing out pages of beautiful inspiration.

At this point, my inner honesty compels me to mention that she didn't actually say that second part. She may have said something more like, "have some cookie fun and get creative." But, let's not get all judgey here. I'm easily confused. They sound a lot alike. They both have letters in the words and verbs in the sentences.

My favorite part about this project is that I got to leave piles of gorgeous wedding dress and flower pictures all over my apartment. I'm not normally a messy person. It's just that I was really hoping someone would stop by for an unexpected visit and then get all confused because it would look like I was planning a wedding. And then I could nervously kick the pictures under the couch while pretending to be all flustered that they noticed. It was a perfect plan. I even rehearsed it so I would be ready. And I practiced an uncomfortable laugh until I had just the right amount of awkwardness and suspicion.

But then no one came. And I got bored. So I moved on to actually making cookies instead.

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