Father's Day Tool Cookies -- part 1

My husband loves Christmas. To be fair, he loves holidays of all kinds. But he reserves a special excitement for Christmas. He starts putting up the tree while finishing off the last of the pumpkin pie from Thanksgiving. And then my kids start to go crazy. We end up with like 7 different paper chains and count-down charts and they get to mark every day off on the calendar and each night before they go to bed they recite how many more times they have to brush their teeth before this giant day of excitement and anticipation will finally be there.

I was thinking that all the other holidays would be more fun if they had a season leading up to them too. So at our house, this is going to be Father's Day Week. We're going to hang awful looking ties all over our house and scatter tools across the bookshelves. We're going to sing Father's Day songs and make special Father's Day meals, like Meat On A Plate. (The plate is optional.) And then on Sunday when my husband wakes up, as a pinnacle to this super exciting week...we are all going to shout "Happy Father's Day!" In unison. Its going to be so hard to wait.

Luckily we have some cookies to help us keep up our strength through all the celebrating this week .

1. Flood the handle in blue and the blade in gray, using a #3 tip. I use 15 second icing so I don't have to outline. (Does it bother anyone else that I just used the word "blade" to describe something that I will be EATING in the future? That's totally weird.)
2. Fill in the tip of the handle and then switch to a #1 tip for the handle details.
3. Paint the blade of the screwdriver with silver luster dust or silver airbrush color. (I use the airbrush color.)

First, let me just say that I used a rectangle cutter to make this. I cut out the rectangle and then used the same cutter to take a smaller rectangle out at the top right and a tiny triangle from the bottom right. And I'm sorry I didn't take a picture. To make up for this, I am going to invite you all to my Father's Day Week celebration. Feel free to join in by shouting "Happy Father's Day!" on Sunday morning. And also by saving your favorite Father's Day creation for a link-up on Friday. 

1. Flood a gray square using a #3 tip. Let that dry for 30 minutes.
2. Pipe in the side part and let that dry. Feel free to forget about your cookies while doing something else incredibly productive.
3. Eventually return and pipe on the yellow details, and 4 small gray dots in the corners.
4. If you want to, you can paint the gray parts silver and add some black lines to the tape measure.

I want to show you how I did the other two tools and also, I have a pattern so you can make your own toolbox. You know, if you are the paper-toolbox-making-for-Father's-Day kind of person. I can't remember how to add the pdf file to a blog post though. So...you are just going to have to come back tomorrow. I mean, if you want to. No pressure though. I won't take attendance or anything. You know what? Forget I said anything.  (Unless you do want the template for the toolbox. And in that case...I'm still posting it tomorrow.)


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