Rattle Cookies -- Cookies And Cards

When I first moved to Korea, I couldn't figure out how to make my kitchen sink work. It looks exactly like every other sink I have ever seen in my life. But when you twist the handle...nothing happens. We spent weeks filling pots up in the shower so we could cook dinner. (Not like in a weird Seinfield way. The hand sink is just too small for our pots to fit under the faucet.) And we kept a bottle of water on the counter to wash hands. Randomly though, sometimes we would walk by and the water would magically turn on. I could NOT figure that thing out. I thought maybe it was a motion sensor so we staged a dance party in the kitchen. Aside from an amazing performance of "the robot" by my 5 year-old, nothing happened. At the end of the first month, our landlord came over to collect our giant pile of cash that we lovingly referred to as "rent." We had a friendly game of charades and ultimately learned that we were the proud renters of a floor sensor kitchen sink.

I was ecstatic. It solved the raw-chicken-hands-that-need-to-be-washed-but-you-can't-touch-the-sink-to-wash-them problem. And I can pick up my ice-cream finger and face daughter and get it all washed off without getting touched because I can use BOTH hands at the same time. And when I am coloring my icing, I just step over and rinse the knife off real quick without letting go of the bowl or the knife. I didn't want to tell you because I didn't want you guys to get all jealous and start neglecting your own kitchen sinks because secretly they just aren't good enough anymore.

As it turns out though...my floor sensor broke last week. So I am back to a normal kitchen sink. Seriously -- how do you guys do it? I mean...I have to touch it WITH MY HANDS? All that effort to move the lever...I've just about given up on having cleans hands ever again. I tried the anti-germ evaporating hand rub stuff. (WHAT is that called?) And it made my hands and anything I ate taste completely disgusting. I thought that maybe wet-wipes would be a better option, but my 2 year-old pulled them all out and spent the afternoon turning them into a castle on the floor. I guess I'm just going to have to lift my arm up and actually twist the water on every single time I need the sink from now on. I'm probably going to have to stop thinking about going to the gym to make up for all those additional calories I'll be burning from now on.

Either that or I'll just eat more cookies. But not these cookies. I'm going to hold on to these ones for basically forever. Guys -- I am so stinking excited about these cookies. And I'm just going to tell you why so that you can all pretend to be excited with me. These are ACTUALLY rattles!! I made a sugar-glass face to the top cookie and sandwiched non-pareils between the two layers of cookies!! I tried to make a video so you would believe me...but I'm incapable.

It is the first Friday of the month so that means I snagged this design off my cousin Pam. You know, 'cause she makes those incredibly adorable cards and all. Like this one. And there is a blue one to match.

There is this whole world of cookie possibilities that just opened up inside my head. I'm hoping to sneak in at least one more sugar-glass cookie before the world of humidity descends upon the peninsula. After that, I'm just giving everything up for lost until normal air comes back in the fall.

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