My Baby Girl Cookies

I live in South Korea. People are ALWAYS crowding around my children, especially my newborn. One time, I left my husband with the cart at a grocery store while I ran to the next aisle to grab some cereal. I came back and found my husband  on the outside of a gathering crowd of people with cellphones in their hands, all taking pictures and cooing to my grocery cart and infant daughter. Apparently, my husband had reached over to pull something off the shelf and they took that as sign of weakness and pressed their advantage.We just stood there discussing the merits of frozen mandu until everyone dispersed enough that we could reach through and reclaim our child.

I'm not kidding. Or even exaggerating. This really happened. Every detail. Including the mandu conversation.

Here's the deal. In Korea, babies don't leave their home until they are 100 days old. So people really don't see tiny babies. (And especially, they don't see tiny babies with blue eyes.) 100 days of life, the parents and family and friends have a HUGE celebration and then tell their child to get a job. Okay, not the last part, but they do have a really big party.

And since we all know that I'm pretty much scoring in the 25th percentile for motherhood, I don't think it will come as a big surprise that I missed my daughter's 100-days-of-life day. She was at least 103 days old before I realized it. So I made her some cookies to make up for it. But since it will take her practically forever to get old enough to ingest them...I ate them for her. And we had a big ol' party and I invited her dad, her brother, AND her sister. Seriously, our house was rockin'.  

I'm not usually an edible image kind of gal. But, (and maybe I'm completely biased) I can't think of a prettier way to use an edible image. soon as I found out that Copper Gifts was going to make more sizes of their fancy square cutter, I couldn't wait to make some picture frame cookies.

They are basically perfect for EVERY occasion. You know, like a -- "Yeay! I'm eating corn-on-the-cob on a stick!"  kind of occasion. Or, if you happened to need to cookie-frame a picture of the view off your balcony. Those would be two very appropriate edible-image-cookie-frame type of occasions.

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