Easy Speckled Eggs

I've decided that women just don't give themselves enough credit. Guys are usually pretty good at that. They've set up this system to reward each other. Its a complex system involving high-fives, head nods and grunts. And it MEANS SOMETHING to them. It doesn't really cross genders though. I mean...a guy grunts and me, and I don't start feeling better about myself. I start thinking about maybe calling the police or something.

I was thinking that we, as women, need to get together and come up with our own system. We could use a combination of points and levels. So, you know, when you see that girl at the store with fantastic patience in spite of the customer in front of her that has unloaded 3 carts of groceries at the "express" check-out, you can give her a quick, "5 points for patience! NICE JOB!"

Or, how about that lady at the ER with two screaming (starving) children? You start talking to her and find out she has a third child who probably has a broken leg, AND her husband is gone for the weekend with his guy friends. Go ahead and give her a --"Wow! Level-UP!!"

Be sure to take care of yourself as well. Made it to the gym today? 10 points. TWENTY points if you don't share it on facebook. And I was thinking that the points for having to wake up in the middle of the night with children should be on the Richter scale. So you get 1 point for the first time you get up. 10 points the next time, 100 points for the third time....basically what I'm saying is that after last night, I'm pretty much as cool as Meryl Streep.

And...I'm not quite sure what the exchange rate is here, but I'm guessing that 3 points is roughly equal to a high-five and 10 points is a head nod. So...be sure to let your husband and all your guy friends know.

PS -- Want to make the easiest speckled eggs ever?

 Mix up a few colors of sanding or crystal sugar into a bowl. I like the look of 3 speckle colors mixed together, but you can do what you want. (Obviously.) Just make sure that you don't mix too much sugar together because you can't undo that. And you really only need a small pinch of sugar for each cookie.

Ice your egg shaped cookie of deliciousness.

And then ever so very lightly, sprinkle some sugar on top. Don't go overboard. Less is more. (Ha ha ha....I've always wanted to be able to say that. 2 points for me.) If you sprinkle the sugar on right away, it will sink in to the wet icing and create little speckles of color without a rough texture on top. Cool, huh?

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