Making Sugared Carrots

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away called, umm....Louth Lorea, there lived a girl named Leorganne. She liked to make cookies. She made cookies nearly every day of her life. She tried to keep it a secret from the big, bad "peoples" of the world that didn't understand. She was like a secret agent of the cookie world, trying to maintain her alter-identity by doing things like "laundry" or "cooking actual food." It was a rough life at times, but other times it was just real, real nice.

Anyway...she got all obsessed with making carrot cookies for spring and then realized that she didn't have any carrot cookie cutters. Like, at all. Of her treasure trove of cutters, ZERO of them were carrot shaped. Sad, sad, sad. But she didn't give up her dream. That resourceful cookie maker Leorganne of Louth Lorea figured out how to cut out carrots from an ice cream cone cutter and a ... ummm, once again, I have forgotten the name of that little cutter. We'll just call it "the cutter she used." So she cut out her cookies, and she baked her cookies and the VERY NEXT DAY, she got a package in the mail from her super sweet friend Licole that contained...A CARROT CUTTER!!!! She hadn't even told anyone about her carrot-cookie-making wish, and yet somehow she found herself in the middle of her lair kitchen holding a carrot cutter. But wait...the story does not end here. Guess what happened the very next day after that? (Seriously, I am NOT making this part up.) ANOTHER super sweet friend named Lanessa gave her a different carrot cutter!

Moral of the story -- There are some good people in this world, in spite of all the stories you hear to the contrary.

Moral of the story #2 -- Apparently carrot cookies were just meant to happen this spring.

Moral of the story #3 -- Really? All those mothers just happened to come up with weird sounding "L" names? I'm not buying it.

1. Cut out an ice cream cone shaped chunk of cookie dough.
2. Use the top of the ice cream cone to round off the top of the carrot.
3. Using that "cutter she used," cut into the top of the carrot. Okay, actually this is embarrassing. Someone recently told me the name of this cutter and I just can't remember it. Every time I look at it, all I can see is  "Bam!" and "Kapow!" in bright colors from a distant comic book memory. Hold on. I'm going to go check the archives and....yes, here it is. A mini daisy flower cutter. Does that sound right?
4. Replace cut-out portion with a whole mini daisy flower.

Pipe some random stripes on your carrot. You could make them straight if you wanted to (and if you are capable of that. I am not, so I make things wonky.) Cover with orange sanding sugar and let dry for 30 minutes or so.

Dust off the excess sugar and fill in the remaining stripes. At this point, I just wanted to eat these carrots. I would suggest maybe not giving in to that temptation if you are planning on sharing these cookies with anyone.

After the middle stripes are dry-ish,  (Give them at least another 30 minutes) fill the stem area with green icing and dump some green sanding sugar on top of that as well. And then you are done. And you can go do "laundry" or "cook actual food" or whatever it is that cookie secret agents do in their down time.


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