Strawberry Cookies

I'm basically the worst friend I could ever have. I like all the wrong foods. I let myself make all sorts of impulse purchases that I know I'm going to regret later. And when I'm having a bad day, I never take myself out for a night on the town. I'm "way too busy" for that. I pressure myself into staying up real late making cookies and "socializing" on the internet and then I talk myself into a lazy morning drawing whales on a whiteboard that is still located on the floor from the previous day. (I told myself I'd clean it up...but I was lying.)

And healthy food? Exercise? Just when I start thinking that I might start thinking about them...I realize that I'm already running a very successful sabotage campaign and I may as well order pizza for lunch. 

Luckily, Korea's got my back on this one. Whenever you order a pizza, they put corn on top. It's what they do. Sometimes, they also cover it in waffle fries and mayo. But at least it has corn. I mean --hello -- I'm eating VEGETABLES on my cheese pizza. I'm practically more fit already. I didn't even need to work out today I was so healthy. Which was great, because it left me more time to make these little charmers.

And just so you know --- something SUPER FUN and EXCITING and umm...super exciting is coming on Monday. I can't tell you yet. Come back on Monday to find out. And then retrace your steps to this very post and look at these cookies. Everything will make sense. 

What? Keeping you in suspense over the weekend? Told you. Worst. Friend. Ever.

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