Keep Calm Cookies

Sometimes I'm really good at multi-tasking. I think it might be my super power. I can't fly. I don't laser things with my eyes. I have never in my life even contemplated the chance that I could break through a brick wall with my bare hands. And it were at all possible for me to run as fast as lightning...I would probably just run into stuff. But multi-tasking -- now that's MY bag of fruit.

I can, and have, carried out 2 different conversations with 2 separate children while folding laundry and watching a movie.

I can, and have, cruised the grocery store aisles with one hand on the cart, one hand simultaneously grabbing groceries and an 18 month old run-away, soothing a crying baby and somehow convincing my husband that tofu is an acceptable ingredient for that evening's dinner. AND still managed to remember those 2 coupons in my back pocket.

I am also adept at helping my oldest with schoolwork, drawing with my girl, feeding the baby, reading gorgeous food blogs and designing cookies all at the same time.

Sometimes though...things get a little funny. I end up trying to fold my movies and watch my laundry. I leave my cellphone on the cereal shelf and ask my 18 month old to return the library books on her way home from work. Or I end up with a cookie that has a suspicious similarity to a certain item at the top of a popular (and sparkly ) dessert blog.

Also, I thought I was really funny when I made these cookies. I giggled to myself the entire time. And then I took a picture and I suddenly realized that they might not be funny at all. In that case, they are a social commentary meant to invoke endless hours of thought and eventually inspire you to action by using your own super power to create a better world.  Your choice.

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