Snowman Party Finale

Oh my goodness -- I LOVE YOU ALL! I really, really wanted a Snowman Celebration (as evidenced by my shameless pleading) and you all totally came through for me! I mean, I just threw the invitation out there and then huddled in a corner hoping that I wouldn't be sitting all alone eating the chips by myself because no one wanted to hang out and celebrate with me.


That's the number of  links on the Snowman Celebration link-up party. 94. As in Ninety-Four. That's way more than I expected. I should probably have gotten more chips. And maybe rented a bouncy house or something.

I wanted to make a whole bunch of snowmen cookies as a grand finale sort-of giant fireworks in the sky thing. But I didn't. Because you all made such FUN cookies that I couldn't help sharing some of them. (And also partially because I spent an inordinate amount of time online ogling snowmen cookies this week. But let's stick with the positive, shall we?)

This was actually the last entry and I am SO GLAD you linked up Sugary Flower! I love the bulbous bottom circle. Like, the squishing kind of love. Which sounds totally weird when you are talking about the bottom end of a snowman, but I can assure you its the entire cookie I want to squish.

And as far as squishing goes...THESE snowmen from Pam at Cookie Crazie are next in line. I just ADORE her patterns and colors!

Aren't these FUN? I love all the colors and the sparkle and the happiness. You don't see the happiness? Look close. It's there. (What Kristina? It's called "glitter?" Eh. Same thing.)

I don't know how Jen from JP Creatibles does it. I mean, she takes an idea like giant chunks of ice stacked on top of each other and makes it all warm and cuddly. And beautiful. And...I kind of really want to own that hat.

I love that Callye from The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle linked up this snowman cookie. As it turns out, this very post was my first introduction into the world of cookie bloggers. I had no idea you all existed before this cookie.

Ohhh these cookies!! I just can't get over how ADORABLE their little faces are! (PS-- Naomi also makes some beautiful cakes, too!)

Marian of Sweetopia makes the CUTEST little snowmen! Okay, let's be honest -- she makes the cutest little everythings. I love this guy. (And as an added bonus, if you click on the little snow guy, you will also get to see her royal icing consistency video!)

These guys may not be cookies, but they are a super fun, safe, clever, CUTE craft project from The Party Wagon. LIGHT UP SNOWMEN!! I love it!

And you. Have I mentioned today that I love you all? Go ahead and eat the rest of the chips while browsing through all the other snowman creations at the Snowman Celebration!

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