Fuzzy Valentine Cookies

Let's all just admit it together. This guy is cute. And fuzzy. (Although, I'm not really sure yet whether fuzzy goes on the positive or negative side, so maybe we should just leave it at that.) I think I will call him Bob. And let him come to the store with me. I bet he'd be real nice and probably wouldn't scream or bang his head on the floor in a show of solidarity for the box of fruit snacks I just returned to the shelf. I wouldn't have to pin him down with my knees while singing a song and acting out a finger puppet play just so I could get him buckled back into his carseat. Probably, he would even let me buy something real nice for myself. He would want me to do it. It would make him happy to see me so happy. I mean, I would have to say yes.  How could you say "no" to a face like that?

This guy is SO EASY to make. But you need to plan ahead just a little bit. First, pipe some eyeballs onto a piece of wax paper. *** Let those dry for at least 3 hours or overnight. (Tutorial HERE.)

Then, you need a cookie, some thick icing and a #233 tip. The real secret to the fuzziness is to never let the tip touch the cookie. Start squeezing a bit while lowering the tip toward the cookie. Stop squeezing and pull up quick so that the strings of icing break off. The faster you go, the easier it is. Try it on some wax paper first if you are nervous. (Then scrape that icing back into the piping bag so nothing is wasted.) Do the edges first and then methodically....okay, you know what? Go ahead and get a little crazy with it. Just make sure you do the edges first. (Check out the video in THIS POST if you are still a little confused.)

As soon as you are done adding all that fuzzy goodness to your cookies, drop on some eyeballs.  Wait 10 minutes and then draw a little mouth through the icing with a toothpick. Done and done.

 *** Not actual eyeball colors. Eyeball colors have been changed to protect the innocent.

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