Tiled Heart Cookies

Once upon a time there was a young girl. And she had a crush on a certain Valentine's candy. Who am I kidding? She was in love with that candy. She thought about it all year. She saved up every cent she could find or earn. And when the stores started turning pink in the winter, she would anxiously count that money and walk very slowly to the neighborhood store with her brothers, being very careful not to drop any of it. And while her brothers were looking at things that made loud noises or some kind of electrical something that they would invariably take apart upon reaching their home, she scanned the candy aisles. She started at the front, knowing full well that the bag she was looking for was at the back, on the left, at the very top. She would grab a bag and run for the counter and buy it before her brothers saw.

And she would take it home and hide it in the space behind the loose paneling in the wall. And she would ration it out, eating 3 pieces a day for like, a week, until she couldn't handle it anymore and then she would eat every last sugar crumb from the bag while everyone was gone for the afternoon. And even in my her sick, sugar induced stomache, she would lie on the couch plotting how she could procure another 79 cents to purchase more of said candy.

Until one year...when she got to the back of the aisle, and she realized IT WASN'T THERE. That precious pink and white bag of candy had been replaced with heart shaped marshmallows. The injustice. Why would a candy company stop making a candy that everyone loves to eat? Don't they WANT my 79 cents? Don't they LOVE me? It's Valentine's Day. Share the love, you know? BRING BACK THE CANDY!!

Anyway, so  those candies were the Runts Valentine hearts. And I never got over it. And I still dream about them every year. And even as an adult living in a foreign country with 3 children of my own, I still think about them so much I make cookies in their honor.

If they still made that candy, these cookies would be INSANELY easy to make. And delicious. And I would buy TWO bags every year. And I would keep one in the cupboard, and the other one hidden from my husband. That way, when I eat the entire bag while he is gone for the afternoon, there will be no judging eyes upon his return. I totally do that with Cadbury mini eggs at Easter time. My goodness, if they ever get rid of those, the world may stop.


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