Snowboarding Snowman -- Guest Post from Haniela's

Ohhhh -- you all are in for a super big fun surprise today and you don't even know it. Unless, of course, you read the post title. And then you would know that my dear friend Hani from Haniela's is here today! But what you don't know is that she created a super big fun surprise snowman cookie for us all. Okay, fine, if you read the post title you already knew that as well.  (My goodness, you are ruining all my super big fun surprises today.) 

So ... Haniela.  Love her. Adore her. Sweetest woman on the planet with some pretty amazing things on her very beautiful blog of superbigfunsurprises. She makes delicious food, takes incredible pictures, and somehow managed to grow a tomato the size of my head. Okay, maybe not quite the last one, but I wouldn't be surprised if it turned out to be true. AND... she makes the most fantastic cookies with a ziplock bag.

Blogging is amazing. I found another friend! One year ago, just around this time in January, I was holding a cookie decorating contest over at my blog, Haniela's and that is how I found Georganne - via the contest. Sweet, heartfelt, funny, witty, creative and absolutely beautiful in and out Georganne.
Georganne emailed me several weeks ago about her idea of  a Snowman Series on her blog and wanted to see if I would have time to stop by and share  a snowman or two, and even  though I've only made one  snowman cookie in my life I said YES.
I made you a Snowboarding Snowman, with a snowboard and all and who, btw, is deeply in love. I'm sure you'll notice the mittens with little red hearts.
  • Prepare cookie dough and royal icing. Color royal icing with desired colors. Fill piping bags with outline consistency and flood consisteny icing for each color you are using.
  • Make a template for the snowboard and the snowman. (It is not entirely necessary if you have a proper size cookie cutter for the snowman. I have either small or large cutter so I decided to make a template that would work for my project. )
  • I cut my cookie slightly larger than my template. Once baked and cooled, I used a yellow food coloring pen and outlined my template directly onto the cookie. See the yellow lines?
  • I  piped outlines on the Snowman and the Snowboard.
  • Flood both cookies with royal icing, let dry completely.
  • Using Food Coloring Pens add details onto the snowman cookie.
  • Attach the snowman to the snowboard using a medium to stiff consistency royal icing.
  • Support the snowman from several sides and let dry for several hours until he stands on his own.
  • Enjoy.
Snowboarding Snowman
I hope  you all like my Snowboarding Snowman; it would make my day if you dropped by over at Haniela's. I'm always baking, whipping and decorating  something over there.
See you at Haniela's soon.

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