Pink Christmas Trees

I made you some Korean Christmas trees. Ha ha ha. I'm kidding. I kid. Ahhh, I'm so funny. Actually, I really am. My son told me so. He said, (and these are his EXACT words) "Oh Mom, you're so funny. You're the only funniest person in the whole world."  So...there's your proof. I'm totally funny.

I guess, it's not really funny unless you live in Korea though. See, here in Korea, Christmas is more like Valentine's Day. You celebrate it with a significant other instead of your whole family. (Or hide at work all day hoping someone will send you flowers and then act all surprised when the flowers you ordered for yourself come with some cryptic "secret admirer" note.) (Hypothetically.) And kids generally only get a small gift from their parents, and usually only until they are about 8 years old. So you like Valentine's Day, trees like Christmas...Korean Christmas trees...I swear I'm funny.

In case you want to make is how I cut them out. I used a candy corn cutter from my Halloween pile and cut the trunk out with a square cutter. Then I squished them taller and leaning. --I'm kind of a squisher. It's what I do.--  But as I was cutting these out, I realized that an ice cream cone cutter would be like a jillion times easier because there would be no squishing involved.

I have to confess though...I felt a little weird making these big, shiny ALUMINUM Christmas trees. I'm probably going to have to make some Charlie Brown Christmas trees now to make up for it.


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