Little Leaf Faces

The last few days have been kind of rough around here. There has been way too much "scary" and "creepy" and "pumpkins eating other pumpkins." I'm afraid to go to bed at night because I will dream about being chased by pumpkins that want to eat me. And my legs never work. (WHY can I never run in my dreams?!) And then I stay awake all night doing internet research on "what to do when pumpkins attack." I've taken to eating inordinate amounts of ice cream right before bed, hoping desperately to fall into a sugar coma and not awaken until morning. Something had to change.

After I saw Meaghan's cookies at The Decorated Cookie, I knew these had to be made. I had no choice. I was running out of ice cream. Plus, how cute are these little guys? They are totally friends. Friends that don't eat each other. Ever. Not even for pretend.

And this little guy? Definitely my favorite. He's so cute. And happy. And kind of crooked in a way that makes me want to squish him and be friends with him forever. And also, judging solely on looks, he's not likely to want to eat me. (Which, for the record, is a definite PLUS on the plus/minus scale.)

And they are so easy to make. I could make myself a whole little army. Obviously, a NICE little leaf army that would only attack if threatened by pumpkins that eat other pumpkins.

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