Giveaway Extravaganza Winners!!!

I can't tell you how hard it has been for me to wait this long to find out who wins the GIVEAWAY EXTRAVAGANZA!!! Okay, maybe I can. It's been REAL hard. Not like running 100 miles hard, but maybe at least running 11 miles hard. Especially because I can't wait to find out if there is going to be a Facebook Showdown!

So...let's get on with it, shall we?

Winner #1 -- 

who said --

I would like box #3!

is Keri from Sweet Dreams! Congratulations winner #1!

Winner #2

who said --

I'd like to win box #2 please. That's my favorite #. I'd love to win the apron or the cookbook, but my husband would be much happier with the matchbox car (he's a nerd & collects toys)

is Heidi Tilton (Heidi Campbell)! Congratulations winner #2!

Winner #3

who said--

so can I say that it doesn't matter which box I want to win since I don't know what's in them?? ;)

If I have to absolutely pick one then I'll go with #2.

Thank you for being fabulous!!

is Kimberly Armstrong from Yo Mama's Bakery! Congratulations winner #3! (For the record, really did pick her. I'm not playing favorites just because she thinks I'm fabulous. Although, maybe really does take those things into account. You know, just something to think about for next time.)

Okay, so Keri picked box number 3. Let's tell her what she's won! It's...

..the purple group!! Congratulations Keri!

Heidi and Kimberly both picked box #2. What was in that box? 

Was it the green group? 

Or the blue group?

I'm not going to tell you -- YET.  Since they both picked the same box, we have to have our Facebook Showdown! Kimberly and Heidi -- are you paying attention? At 3pm Central Time on Friday, October 14th I will post one question on my Facebook wall. The first person with the correct answer gets to pick the remaining box of their choice. And then everyone gets to find out what they won! (PS -- Do you realize that I am totally going to get up at 5 IN THE MORNING for you all? That's real love and dedication right there.) 

UPDATE    ~~   UPDATE   ~~   UPDATE   ~~   UPDATE  

Kimberly and Heidi are now pretty much best friends forever. And they can't bare the thought of one of them "losing" on the showdown. They've spent endless hours coming up with possible win-win scenarios and they've finally found a solution that works for both of them. Heidi will take box #2 and Kimberly will take box #3. 

SO....WHAT IS IN BOX #2?!! Over HALF of you chose this one! (This may not be exactly true. I mean...I didn't count or anything. But I'm pretty sure if I did it would have been about half.) Heidi will be taking home...

...wait for it....

the BLUE group!! Apparently, many of you need a brand new car. 

And that means that Kimberly has won...

...the green prize package!

Don't forget to send me your addresses!!

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