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pumpkin witches

I've been kind of "away" this week. My husband's family has come for a visit. To Korea. (That's across the ocean.) But they are only staying 8 days. :(   {<--------sad face} So we have been very busy going everywhere and doing lots of really important things like taking flying cars to the top of mountains and eating kimchi. You know, the basics. And I have a teensy-tiny confession. -- I haven't made any cookies this week. Zero. We did make some rice krispie treats with sprinkles on them, but that is as close to cookies as I've come. So now you have to look at these cookies.

I didn't love them so much when I made them. And I wasn't even going to show them to you. But to be honest...I worked real hard making that tiny little hay bale out of rafia. I've never actually worked on a farm that had hay (or any farm at all for that matter) so I'm not sure how it compares to the actual thing, but I'm pretty sure it was almost as much work. AND, I had to do it on the balcony so a certain small child at my house wouldn't try to eat it, so it DID get kind of hot.... and after a couple of minutes, I got kind of tired of trying to make it work, but I kept going, because if I didn't do it, I knew nobody else would...so you know....that's what I'm willing to do for you all. Make hay bales out of rafia. And let you look at weird cookies while I go to the beach.