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Pumpkins and Balloons

So, I made these cookies because I wanted to. (As opposed to all the other cookies I make because I can't help it. Seriously, sometimes there are little cookies screaming to be made and I can't just walk away and pretend like I don't hear them. They KNOW better. And they would totally call me on it. And then it would be all awkward. And I would probably have to take them to the market and buy them a new outfit to make up for it. And I just don't have that kind of time.) And I liked these cookies. And then I showed them to my little boy. And he LAUGHED. A lot. Like, A LOT a lot. He thought they were VERY funny cookies. See, because the faces are on the balloons instead of the pumpkin. And I started to question who I am as a person. And I contemplated life without sugar. For at least 12 seconds. Well, probably at least like 3 or 4 anyway. And then I did some internet research on vats of ice cream...

And then I remembered this picture. Its a picture he drew for me. It's a picture of him washing the TV and he's messy because he just ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. And then I felt a little more bad inside, because I totally laughed when he showed me his picture. BUT...I only laughed because it made me happy inside. And then I felt better because maybe HE laughed at MY cookie because it made him happy inside. So then I decided that maybe we are both just a little misunderstood. And we should probably eat cookies together. And then maybe look into those vats of ice cream after all.