Fall Tree Cookies | LilaLoa: Fall Tree Cookies

Fall Tree Cookies

You know what I wish?  (Besides world peace and skinny jeans that fit and stuff...) I wish someone would invent some kind of sticky something that actually works just how it is supposed to. See, I live in a pretty nice apartment in Korea. It's beautiful. I love it. Except that holiday decorations are basically NOT going to happen because you can't hang anything on a marble wall. (Yes...I have marble walls. Hate me if you like.) I have tried every kind of self-stick, non-permanent wall hanging device I can find in this country. Oh sure, they CLAIM to be able to hold up to 7 pounds and stick for a year...but THEY LIE. And, where I come from, lying is bad. Like, the kind of bad where you go to your room to think about what you've done, but you have to stay there for so long that everyone forgets about you and THAT is why you have puzzles hidden under your bed. And maybe a juice box.

So...my point is...we tried to decorate for Halloween today and we ended up with some wooden pumpkins on the table and a Happy Halloween sign being used as a tiara. Not really what I would consider ideal. Especially since I was NOT the one with the tiara. But we DO have fun fall cookies. Well, we did. Then we ate them all during our non-decoratable marble wall pity party.