Pumpkin Medallions

A few weeks ago, a firetruck pulled up to my apartment complex with lights flashing. 3 firemen jumped out and ran toward the building. My 4 year old was completely enchanted with this up-close excitement and practically glued himself to our window. (Yes, I know -- I need to get this kid more excitement in his little life.) I was slightly less interested. That is, until 3 minutes later when they came knocking at MY DOOR. They don't speak English and I don't speak Korean so well. I wasn't sure what to do. I figured that if they were firemen, they had a pretty good reason for wanting to come in. (Unless of course, they had borrowed the uniforms and stolen a firetruck just so they could trick me into letting them in so they could eat my food and steal all my good stuff...) So I just opened my door. They went straight to the balcony and THEN---

one of them jumped over the edge. 

I mean, sure he was attached to a rope and all. But he just walked into my house and jumped off my balcony! Just like that. The other two quickly packed up the rope and left. I just stood there. 3 minutes ago, I was a normal person trying to sneak my son's snacks without him noticing...and now-- my whole life had changed. Some stranger had come into my house and jumped off my balcony. And the worst part was that I don't even know WHY. Or where he was going. Or what he was going to do when he got there. Or how in the world I had managed to make cookies for so long without owning scalloped circle cutters.

Luckily, those kind of questions don't really keep me up at night. I'm happy that my apartment wasn't on fire -- especially without my knowledge -- and that I have a giant set of scalloped circle cutters that I can use any time I want to.  But maybe I should work on that whole "learning Korean" thing.


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