BLACK cookies for Halloween

Once upon a time, like 2 weeks ago, I had this great idea. I got excited every time I thought about it. (And yes, it may have been Halloween related, and may have helped spur on this ridiculously early parade of Halloween cookies) So I made my cookies. And as the cookies were baking, I realized that I was probably the 400th person (counting my grandma) who had ever come up with this idea. And I was sad for at least 7 seconds until I realized, it just doesn't matter. It's STILL a good idea. Especially since it results in the easiest cookie you will ever decorate.

See, I had lots of Halloween design ideas that were, ...well, black. And we all know that black icing tends to leave black teeth. Which, is okay for a teenager's Halloween party, perhaps even desirable...but for adults and good friends that you would like to keep as good friends? Not so much. So I added just a little bit of black food coloring to my already dark brown chocolate cookie dough and made black cookies. No bitter after taste...and no black teeth.I was surprised at how little black coloring I needed. And I would definitely recommend using a chocolate cookie dough to begin with. And add black just a little bit at a time. And then enjoy all your extra free time because you didn't have to ice these cookies black before you could start decorating them! Maybe take up knitting or something.


To make the cat -- use the Wilton cat cutter. I cut the tail a little deeper with a knife and used a bubble straw to cut the legs a little higher. Because I'm neurotic. That's why.

One time, over SEVEN years ago, I bought a 13.5 ounce bottle of black food coloring. As much as I wish it was over between us... we're still holding steady. 

These glowing jack-o-lantern cookies are another great design to make with black cookie dough.

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