Skulls and Skeletons

So...I like to have money. And I like cookie cutters. It's a tricky business combing those two things, really. A few days ago, I was looking at a clearance rack of a local store. They had the usual textbooks from 2 years ago, expired bread, random candles in scents that NO ONE wants to smell....and then I found some cookie cutters! Well, really, it was one cookie cutter but there were 3 of them. To make this find even more exciting, let me just tell you that in the year I've lived in Korea, I have only seen 5 or 6 cookie cutters. So, you know, this was a big deal to me. It was a cookie cutter. And it was on clearance. Forget about the fact that it was a tulip cutter, and I have no immediate reason to make tulips. None of that mattered. It was a cookie cutter, and I was actually touching it. At a store. And I wasn't dreaming. So I did what any normal person would do and I bought one. And then, I did what any normal cookie making person would do and I bought the other two.

And then I dropped the cutter on the floor while trying to keep my little girl from crawling out of the cart. And it landed upside down. And the world of possibilities opened wide. And it became my new Halloween girly skull cutter.

****** GIVEAWAY CLOSED *******

And then I decided to give away the other two cutters. And a tiny little whisk. Because -- HELLO! It's tiny. That makes it adorable. And you want one.  So, because this is just a little giveaway (little -- get it?) you only have 3 days to enter. Leave me a comment telling me the best thing you've ever found on clearance. Or your favorite color. Or the best thing to serve with a grilled cheese sandwich. Just make sure I can contact you and leave your comment before midnight Pacific Standard time on Saturday, September 3, 2011.

Oooh. I forgot to add that there will be two winners. Each winner will get one cutter and one whisk and my children's fingerprints all over the package. 

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