Owl cookies

Things rarely work out exactly as I imagine they will. Like, one time, I planned this huge Thanksgiving meal for kind of a lot of people  (more than 20) while my husband was deployed with the army. And then in the two days before Thanksgiving...every single person canceled. So my little boy and I had macaroni and cheese for Thanksgiving dinner. Not quite what I had planned. (This is not a depressing story. Don't feel bad. It's funny. Macaroni and Cheese for Thanksgiving Dinner. My little boy loved it.)

Almost every single cookie I make is another example. Let me show you what I mean.

1) The square owl cookies-- the brown completely bled into the blue. This was not ideal. Buuut...it looks kind of rustic, so I'm going to go with it and call them "rustic owls."

2) See the blue square cookie on the right? I was going to make a lot more of them. But for some reason, I forgot and didn't make very much blue icing. At all. Soooo....I made a whole bunch of purple and brown ones like the square cookies on the left.

3) The flowers. I don't know WHAT I was thinking. But these did not turn out like that. Thank goodness, because these are way cuter than the weirdness I had planned for them.

The only ones that turned out just how I planned were the owl cookies. And that's because I forced them to. I threatened them with time-outs and everything. 

I used a Wilton ghost cutter. I cut off the arms with a knife and cut the ears into the head with a round cutter. (This description is kind of grossing me out. Oh, and between you and me --Let's just pretend that this picture doesn't look so un-appetizing, shall we? Ahh, yes, what? It's a beautiful photo of delectable looking cookie dough? You want to reach right into your screen and have some? Oh, why thank you. You're too kind. I'm blushing. ) And then, I flipped the cookie over because I'm seriously neurotic and I wanted it to be EXACTLY as I planned. And it was. It was like a cookie dream. Except, if it were a dream, I would probably be flying too.

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