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Navy daisy cake

I don't know why I do this to myself. My little girl is going to have her first birthday next month. I want to make a cake that is navy, white, and yellow. So that's basically all I can think about these days. Someone needs a cake for something completely unrelated to my daughter's upcoming birthday? No problem....I basically make her birthday cake anyway. And between now and then I will probably exhaust all possible navy, yellow, and white designs in my head and the day before her party I will be totally stressed out because all of the designs are "used" and nothing will be fun and exciting anymore and I will have no option but to change the whole party to red and white. Maybe I can trick myself by trying to plan a red and white party NOW....and then switching to a navy, white, and yellow party later. as I'm writing this I'm waiting for the picture to upload ... this young daughter of mine that will be having her navy, white, and yellow first birthday next month JUST STARTED WALKING!! For real. 3 whole steps. Just like that. So now it's totally okay that I made this prototype version of her birthday cake a month early and for something else entirely, right? I think I'm going to go give her a graham cracker to celebrate. Happy Mother's Day everyone!