confession to a crowd

It's time that I just come right out and say this to everyone.
I live in South Korea. It's in Asia. I moved here with my family last summer. I love it here. It is, however, quite a bit different from the United States where I have lived pretty much every second of my life until I moved here.

Its hot and HUMID here in the summer. Like, really hot and humid. I always imagined that they would have beautiful, folded Asian fans for sale everywhere. As it turns out these type of fans are about a million times more efficient. Seriously, a million is not an exaggeration. My 4 year old can get a gale force wind going with one of these fans. I'm telling you -- its a genius design.

This is bibimbap. It might be my new favorite food. Of all time. If you have a Korean restaurant near your house, don't even think about it -- just GO. There is a pretty good chance they will serve bibimbap. Food places here are a little different from the states in that it is not uncommon for them to only give you 5 items to choose from instead of a giant menu. And bibimbap is almost always one of those items.

This is a hanbok. (Okay, so technically it is a chocolate cookie...but its decorated like a hanbok.) Its a super traditional dress. I love that the skirt is made with lots of flowy fabric. There is a wedding hall near my house so I get to see gobs of ladies dressed in these, in all sorts of colors. And boys wear something different, but I'll be honest, I only pay attention to the girls' dresses. They are BEAUTIFUL!

South Korea has been around for kind of a really long time. Centuries and centuries. And they were pretty good at building things to last. Like these ultra-traditional houses. This looks almost nothing like those amazing buildings. Every single square inch of those buildings was crafted for a reason. And they are not made out of chocolate cookie.

So... now you know why I make my own cookie cutters. And why I haven't made cookies for days and days. (Because the water reservoir for my town collapsed and my town was without water off and on for the last week.) And why I can't always use blogger. (Because sometimes this country doesn't approve of blogger or maybe blogger doesn't approve of this country. It's hard to tell.) And if just one of you tries bibimbap then I'll just mark this whole week off as a success.

Oh...and if you are planning to travel to South Korea in the next couple of years you better tell me or I will be so mad!

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