the thing about Korea


I don't know why I've kept this whole "living in Korea" thing quiet for so long. There are some great things here that you all should know about. And one of the most adorable cookie cutters I've seen in a while. I lie awake at night feeling bad that none of you have ever seen this cutter. Okay, no, not really. But I can imagine that if it ever occurred to me late at night, I probably would stay awake thinking about it. In fact...I've decided to give away some of my favorite Korean things. we go!

This picture represents the sum total of cookie cutters I have purchased since moving to Korea. Just LOOK at that adorable little hippo cutter! It's maybe 2 inches wide. Maybe. (P.S. In answer to quite a few questions -- my husband is in the army. They told him to move here. They let us come with him. We LOVE it.)

Most kitchen utensils come in pink here. I know this is totally a crummy picture and you can't tell...but the spatula really is pink. And I just love those tiny little pie tins. I'm about 100% sure that they aren't really pie tins. I think they are for dipping sauces. But they are shaped EXACTLY like tiny little pie tins. And that's why I bought them.

These are some very non-cake/cookie/sugar in anyway related items. But....I just don't care. I love that while Korean use chopsticks just like most other Asian countries...they use a SPOON for rice. Because, let's be honest. When you are hungry, you just want to EAT. Like, you know, a lot, at once. Without spoons, I would be very thin, and angry, because one single rice grain at a time just wouldn't do it for me. Oh, and those other things are animal rice shapers. Just for all you bento-box lovers or people who want their children to eat rice. Or you know, anyone who wants to shape something soft to look like an animal.

And...if you are VERY lucky...I will include my very favorite candy. It's basically deliciousness mixed with strawberries and cream in candy form. Seriously, I only just shared these with my husband for the first time last week. And we've lived here for almost a year now.

All you have to do to enter is leave me ONE comment. Tell me where you would live if you had to move out of the country you are currently living in. It would be helpful if there was a way for me to contact you. Leave your comment by Saturday, May 21st at midnight Hawaii time.

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