a flower on a cake

I made a cake. It was kind of a last minute thing. Which...as it turns out...works pretty well for me. I'm kind of into that whole "instant gratification" thing. So a lot of what I make doesn't require hours of planning and preparing and thinking and...you know...whatever else people with lots of patience and exactness do when making cakes and cookies.

The flower was a bit of a challenge though. Flowers need time to dry so they don't look wilted when you put them on a cake or cookie. Its a good thing I had just made those cameo cookies. I had a bag of white chocolate chips just STARING at me from the counter while I was standing there wondering how in the world I could make a flower in only a few minutes. In the end...I just rolled up the petals and dipped the back in melted white chocolate. Instant flower.

And in other news...Easter candy is on sale. I don't know what is wrong with me. I walked past that rack 4 times. I rifled through the candy and realized I don't really like any of it. And I kept coming back anyway. The best part is that it was like I was trying to fool myself.

"Oh, I'll just walk past that giant pile of candy because I need to check out the frozen spinach..." 

I guess I can only say no to myself 3 times. Because on that 4th time...I caved and bought some weird bag of Easter candy that no one in my family will eat. But, I'm telling you, that was one cheap bag of candy. Maybe I'll try to melt it down and add it to rice krispie treats and then avoid grocery stores until the clearance candy is gone. Let me know when its safe to buy food again.

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