Cameo Cookies

I didn't do anything for my son for Easter. It's not like I didn't know it was's just that somehow....yeah, I'm a bad person. I took the Easter Eggs filled with candy that my mother sent and hid those. Yes, my son knew exactly who had sent those eggs. And that is why he loves my mother so much right now. And why he made her the best Mother's Day gift ever. And I'm totally planning on signing my name to his gift. Man...its a good thing those two have each other. I can retain their love just by existing between them.

So...I'm a bad mother and offspring. But I make a mean bowl of cereal, and I'm not too bad at cameo cookies either. That's got to count for something, right?

Before you ask...I used a mold for these cookies. Two molds actually. I squished some cookie dough into a setting mold and then popped it out onto a cookie sheet to bake. (Can I say just one more time how much I love my chocolate cookie recipe? Seriously -- look at the details that stayed in while baking!) And then for the cameo itself I used a different mold and some white chocolate and fondant.

Seriously... easy-peasy. No talent required. Unless you wanted to hand sculpt them or something. And then, that would be insane. And hard. But it would make me feel better about the amount of time I spend on baked goods. So, you know, let me know how that goes for you.

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