Winner, winner, cookie cutter dinner....

I can't believe how many of you wanted that weirdy shape cutter! You know, the one I used for the "thank you" cookies and the leprechauns. Okay, from here on out, I am officially going to call it a....wait for it......


There. Now we don't have to make up random terms to describe it. We can just love it. And make things with it. And...well...probably we should avoid squishing it because then it would be mutilated and not at all cute and lovable anymore. I was all prepared to make another one of those, or at least a peeps bunny since those seemed to be the most popular requests. WHAT WILL OUR WINNER CHOOSE? It's up to YOU my friend number 28 --

-- who said, "the cutter I'd like is kind of hard to explain, it is sort of a plaque type of thing, like ornamental mirror or frame shape. I have a picture."

I'm sending you an email. But if you don't get it, email me back at And try to avoid asking to transfer large sums of money into my account for the King of Liberia. I feel for the guy, I really do, but I'm afraid I can't help him out this time.

I just want to keep drawing numbers and giving away cutters -- this is SO fun! But I also have some cookies to make, cookies that I should be making right this very second...I'll tell you what. I'll do this again. Real soon. Like super soon. SO soon you won't even believe it.

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