a sparkling good idea

I have a problem. When I get some "great" idea in my head...I make it. Right then. I don't stop to think about the fact that it will take 3 hours and I only have 12 minutes. I am embarrassed to admit that more than once, I have started making cookie dough, blended the sugar and butter, and then realized that I only have 1 egg. Or no eggs. Or no eggs and no salt and only 1/2 cup of flour. And its the middle of the night and I have two sleeping children and no car and my husband is gone, so there is no way I can go to the store for more. But that doesn't stop me. (I think maybe that's the real problem.) I end up trying to figure out how to reconstitute dried egg whites and grind my own wheat and sort out all the pretzel bits from the salt at the bottom of the bag....ummm...hypothetically of course.

These cookies were no exception. Great idea? Check. Middle of the night? Check. Missing some important and vital aspect without which my great idea will be barren of all hope and success? Check again.

They NEEDED to be sparkly. I NEEDED edible glitter for this to work. And I had ZERO edible glitter. 

You want to know what I did? I took some regular old granulated white sugar and mixed a bit of silver food coloring in it. And it turned grey. And it was not at all sparkly. And there was some sadness, and a little bit of disappointment, but no giving up.  And then I mixed some silver luster dust in with the sugar -- AND IT WORKED!! I had the most perfect sparkly sugar in the middle of the night to finish my great idea.

And now I have kind of A LOT of sparkly edible glitter. So...you're going to be seeing it again soon. You can be sure of that.

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