a little LUCK

I think it is safe to say that I run with the perfectionist crowd. Maybe run is too strong of a word. Let's go with-  walk quickly with the perfectionist crowd.  (As long as your definition of perfectionism is similar to freaking out over every -single -detail in a cookie and spending 10 minutes on that one last thing that you just can't get right but should be right and then letting it consume your mind for the next 4 days while worrying that everyone will notice how you left that one little bit of flour dust stay on your cookie...  But I'm definitely not a perfectionist if your definition includes a clean house and no dishes in the sink.)

I wanted these cookies to be kind of wonky. I tried really hard to make the squares...not squares. It started out great (see the "u"?) But I was fighting a losing battle with the inside part of me that says "These are not squares. You are doing something wrong. FIX IT." And with each tile, they got square-er and square-er.

And then after they were all done, I looked at my letters and realized that it would have been a bajillion times easier to have just drawn them on there with food color markers instead of trying to pipe them. WHY do I not think of these things BEFORE making the cookies? (Probably because I'm still obsessing over that bit of flour from last week....no time for productive thinking...)

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