a bit about couplers

My Wilton couplers drive me crazy! I am constantly twisting them and pulling them off and readjusting and twisting again until I can get them to thread just right so I can twist them tight enough that the icing doesn't secretly squeeze out the side on its own while I'm not watching and then fall into my most perfect and adorable cookie at some unsuspecting moment and ruin everything. Because I can't tell you how many times that has happened to me. (A lot of times, in case you are wondering.)

On the advice of Pam over at Cookie Crazie I got some Ateco couplers from Karen's Cookies. (And as much as I would love all of you to think that Pam and I are close, personal friends, and that she divulged this advice over a quiet lunch together while we laughed and chatted about life, love and cookies... The truth is that she put it on her blog in January. And I read it. And I followed it. And I am SO glad I did.)

When I got my couplers, I could see that the base was quite different....but the ring part thing (Is there some kind of technical term for this?) looked almost identical to the Wilton ring part things. I was horrified. I'm not exactly what people call "organized" or "neat." What if I mixed them up? Then all of the ordering and waiting and thinking magical thoughts for my new couplers would be worthless. I would be stuck in a Wilton-Ateco coupler limbo with parts to both of them floating around and none of them twisting smoothly and tightly. At the same time...I have a lot of Wilton couplers. And I can't justify the complete waste of tossing them all. (Not that I wouldn't LOVE to. It would make me SO happy to have all Ateco couplers all the time.)

As I was pondering this near certain disaster, I was also washing my couplers. (I'm GREAT at multi-tasking, especially if it involves worrying.) And then I saw something that made me so very relieved. The Ateco couplers FLOAT. Ahh, they really are a dream come true. They work so well, and are easily distinguished from their frustrating counterparts. I'm thinking of having one bronzed and made into a statue so I can look at it every day and remember how great they are. And then I will buy more of them.

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