shamrock flowers

There is a reason I do not have a membership to a bulk-club-warehouse type store. I have no self control when I see candy in mass quantity. It is SO easy for me to walk past the little bags of M&Ms that they put on the shelf next to the cashier at a regular grocery store. I just stand there watching that little bag thinking, " I am SO better than you. Look at me. I don't have to eat you. I am happy as a person without you." But I don't say it out loud because that would be....wait, is that still judgemental even if I only say it in my head?

Ahh, you're always distracting me. My point is that in the past, I DID have a membership. And whenever I walked down the candy aisle and stood staring up at a 50 gallon barrel of gumballs, I couldn't move. I would will myself to keep going. I even tried threats. But nothing mattered because the only thing I could focus on was large amounts of candy staring me in the face. I'm powerless, I tell you. My husband would always ask, "Why? You don't even LIKE this candy!" And it was true. But it was a pointless argument because I was staring at absolute beauty in sugar form. Pour large amounts of ANY candy in a glass jar, and people will dig right in, completely against their own will. (And by "people," I mean "me.")

Sometimes I think I'm stronger now that I'm not in my twenties anymore but when I tossed all these little flowers in a glass bowl....I knew there would be no hope for me. Bulk-club-warehouse type stores -- good bye forever.

And hello large amounts of cookies and cakes! Thank goodness I have incredible amounts of cookies and cakes around my house to keep me from being...umm.... without cookies and cakes. And thank goodness that spring will come to this planet at some time in the future! Maybe I will spread these cookies out on my floor and lie on top of them and pretend that they smell like a smell that is beautiful and very spring-ish. But then I would also have to pretend that they weren't stuck to my clothing for the rest of the day. I guess I don't really mind pretending.

P.S. Does anyone know if shamrocks have flowers? Clovers do though, right? I have a vague memory of an odd little rabbit eating clover flowers and not the stems and some deer in a forest that starts on fire...

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